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Custom Work & Gallery

“ Most pieces are custom made

Let me customize a special piece of jewelry just for you! I am willing to utilize customer provided items to create unique pieces of jewelry for you, but I also can design and customize a piece for you with my own inventory. 

Smoky Quartz Sterling Silver stud earrings

New Items:

Ruby in Zoisite earrings
Chinese writing stone earrings
Swarovski crystal cube earrings
Smoky Quartz drop earrings

Unique Items:

Ankle Bracelets:

Images coming soon....

Custom Order:

Crazy Lace Agate and Swarovski Pearl Breast Cancer Bracelet

Czech Fire Polished Hand-Sewn Earrings

Black Onyx and Swarovski Pearl Bracelet

Black Onyx and Swarovski Pearl Necklace

Czech fire-polished bead hand-sewn bracelets
Czech Fire Polished Beads Hand-Sewn Bracelets

Fixing Jewelry:

Get your free quote and estimate for custom work by contacting me at (908) 307-6990 or email me at [email protected].